Laboratory Consultancy Services

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Providing cutting-edge solutions through laboratory consultancy

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Elevating Laboratory Spaces

At Area, we excel in designing laboratories that meet and exceed industry standards. Our Laboratory Design Consultancy services focus on optimising your workspace for maximum efficiency and functionality. We take pride in creating environments that inspire innovation and scientific excellence.

Our Lab Planning Consultants work closely with you to understand your specific needs and objectives. We address every aspect of laboratory planning, from space utilisation and workflow optimisation to laboratory ergonomics and furniture selection. We ensure that your laboratory layout is not only compliant but also conducive to productive research.

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Sustainable and Efficient Design

Laboratory safety is of paramount importance. Our Laboratory Fitout Consultancy services prioritise safety and compliance with industry regulations. We conduct thorough safety assessments, provide guidance on biosafety measures, and ensure that your laboratory adheres to the highest safety standards.

Area is committed to sustainable lab design. We help you incorporate eco-friendly practices and energy-efficient solutions into your laboratory fitout. Our sustainable lab designs not only reduce your environmental footprint but also lower operational costs.

Our laboratory team provides

We create labs for clients throughout the UK and across mainland Europe. Speak to us about your lab design requirements and ideas, and we’ll design the lab you need to reach your potential.


Consultancy Expertise

Our team of experts will guide you through every aspect of your laboratory project. From sourcing the perfect building and managing lease obligations to addressing security considerations and coordinating mechanical and electrical services, we provide comprehensive guidance. We anticipate your needs not only for today but for the entire duration of your lease and any future business expansions.


Tailored Adaptability

No matter the complexity or location of your light industrial project, we are ready to adapt. With extensive experience across the UK and mainland Europe, we are well-versed in local codes and regulations. Should your project involve niche industries, we have the ability to quickly source specialists who can provide valuable insights for even the most complex endeavours.


Design Expertise

When it comes to arranging client-facing facilities and optimising back-of-house spaces, determining slab capacity, and streamlining loading bays and equipment usage, our team has the knowledge and experience to lead the way. We are the experts who understand how to maximise the functionality of your space.


Sustainability Focus

At Area, we prioritise sustainability in our designs. We assist light industrial businesses in identifying and addressing environmental considerations head-on. Our aim is to protect and preserve the planet by seeking eco-friendly practices and energy-efficient solutions that reduce your environmental impact while cutting operational costs.

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Cleanroom and Biosafety Design Expertise

If your laboratory requires a cleanroom or biosafety environment, trust Area for expert design consultancy. We have the knowledge and experience to create cleanrooms and biosafety labs that meet stringent cleanliness and contamination control requirements.

Choose Area as your Laboratory Design and Fit Out Consultancy partner to transform your laboratory into a hub of scientific innovation. With our expertise in lab planning, safety, sustainability, and customisation, we're dedicated to enhancing your research capabilities and efficiency.