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We are B Corp certified

We are proud of our B Corp status

This is one of our most significant achievements! At Area - a Fourfront Group company - we’ve always pushed ourselves to act the right way. This is how we’ve always done business. And we now have a certification to prove it.

B Corp is more than just a certificate. It’s a chance to step forward and show the world what our business is doing.

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What is a B Corporation?

B Corp is an international certification for for-profit companies that care about their impact on the world around them and the people they touch. B Corp mirrors our own ethos at Area. We share the same goals of achieving social sustainability, environmental performance, standards of accountability, and transparency of our actions.

B Corps are a rapidly growing movement of businesses that believe in balancing purpose and profit. Together, we are a community of changemakers.

What it means to be a B Corp

We’re proud we’ve joined a community of like-minded businesses, driving the shift to a new kind of economy, that is better for our people, our clients and the environment. Being part of a community of organisations with a similar vision provides a fantastic opportunity for us to collaborate and share ideas.

Environmental impact

We have demonstrated high social and environmental performance through the stringent B Impact Assessment (BIA).


We have made a legal commitment by becoming accountable to all stakeholders as well as shareholders.


We have showed transparency by allowing our performance to be publicly shared on our B Corp profile.

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We're part of the solution

Our B Corp status doesn’t just prove we’re on the right path; it helps us keep fighting to transform the role of business in society. All businesses sign a declaration of interdependence, making a commitment to embody the values of the B Corp community. Alongside B Corp’s vision for the global economy, we’ll keep using business as a force for good.

Our dedication to environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance is the foundation of our business success. Transparency and integrity align with our values of building trust and doing the right thing.

Fourfront Group B Corp Impact Report 2023/2024

Download our Impact Report

Over the past year, our B Corp certification has become deeply ingrained in our organisational culture, providing a structured framework for communicating our ESG strategy, fostering innovation, and driving market-leading initiatives. We are delighted to share our first B Corp Impact report, detailing the actions we have taken over the past twelve months and outlining our key goals for 2024.

Download our report

This outstanding achievement shows our long-standing commitment to making a positive impact.

Aki Stamatis
Aki Stamatis
Director, Fourfront Group