Advanced Dry Lab Environments

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We specialise in creating advanced Dry Lab and Laboratory environments for computation, physics, and engineering. With our extensive experience and expertise, we excel in meeting the unique design needs of Dry Labs.

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Designing for Innovation and Precision

Dry labs, unlike their wet lab counterparts, focus on computational activities, physics research, and engineering experimentation. In these environments, the emphasis shifts from chemical resistance to other critical factors. Here's where our proficiency comes into play.

Our commitment to excellence means equipping your Dry Lab with state-of-the-art computational equipment. From high-performance computing clusters to specialised software tools, we ensure that your lab is fully equipped to handle complex modelling, simulation, and data-driven research projects.

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Engineering Excellence for Seamless Operations

Dry labs are often filled with high-performance equipment generating significant heat. We understand that efficient emergency power, proper air supply, humidity control, and exhaust systems are paramount to the continuous and effective operation of these spaces. Our design solutions are tailored to maintain the optimal environment for your scientific endeavours.

Whether you're in need of a new Dry Lab, a hackspace for innovation, a robotics lab, or an instrument demonstration showroom, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver bespoke solutions. Our track record spans diverse fields, including quantum computing, automation, medical devices, and bioengineering. No matter the complexity of your project, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

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Driving Scientific Discovery

In the era of data-driven science, we appreciate the importance of robust data management and analysis infrastructure. Our solutions incorporate data storage, retrieval, and analysis capabilities, ensuring that your lab is equipped to extract meaningful insights from vast datasets.

At Area, we understand the intricacies of Dry Lab design, and our commitment to excellence ensures that your laboratory environment is not just functional but optimised for peak performance. Experience the difference with Area and unlock the potential of your Dry Lab.

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