We create spaces that work

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Thinking outside
the box all the time.

We’re always looking to the future. Whether that’s the longevity of your new workspace, the sustainability of the materials we use, or the relationships we make along the way. Area is built on three themes that guide us in all we do.

We aim to be:


Innovators with Experience

Workspace design with a flexible, progressive approach. Experience twinned with insights into current trends, new ways of working, and technology help us look ahead and conceive future-proof solutions. We break the mould to solve real problems.


Responsible, ethical, and sustainable

We take measured steps in business to positively impact the world around us and the people we touch. We recognise we have a responsibility and the power to improve quality of life—not just through workspaces but also employee satisfaction and environmental awareness.


Transparent, honest, and down-to-earth

We're proud to be open with our people, partners, and clients about business decisions and objectives. Trust is built on a genuine desire to grow and collaborate, influencing change for the sake of good at all times.


We’re proud to have designed and delivered

more than
2,500 projects
in over
20 countries
with a team of over
160 professionals
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A Wide Spectrum of Expertise

We are one of the UK and Europe's leading laboratory design and fit-out specialists, renowned for our progressive approach to creating cutting-edge laboratory spaces. With over a decade of experience, we have a strong track record of delivering laboratories across various sectors within the Science and Technology industry.

Our portfolio spans a diverse range of laboratory types, including wet, dry, and tissue culture labs, containment laboratories (ranging from CL1 to CL3), clean rooms built to ISO standards, chemistry labs (with DSEAR assessments), manufacturing and pilot plant facilities (both unclassified and GMP-compliant), as well as specialised labs for laser and quantum computing.

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Europe-wide expertise

We are equipped to offer advanced solutions to clients, regardless of their location. With our collective skills and experience, our goal is to expand the possibilities for innovative and sustainable workplace projects. Our team specialises in delivering projects across Europe with a strong emphasis on passion and efficiency.

Transformation on an international scale

Location doesn’t hinder us in delivering unmatched performance. Our dedicated team provides a consistent, smooth, and tailored service as standard to all clients throughout the UK and EU. We know the ins and outs of delivering projects in line with local codes and regulations no matter where we're working.

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Deep Pharmaceutical Sector Knowledge

We have an established presence in the pharmaceutical sector. Our extensive understanding of designing and constructing accredited laboratory spaces is unmatched, making us a trusted partner in this industry. We bring this specialised knowledge to every project.

From state-of-the-art research laboratories to highly controlled environments, we've designed and built them all. Our wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience enables our clients to save time, reduce costs, and enhance quality control while achieving aesthetically pleasing laboratory spaces that are future-proofed for years to come.