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In the ever-evolving landscape of medical instruments and devices manufacturing, Karl Storz has stood as a global leader for decades. To keep pace with their exponential growth, Karl Storz envisioned a strategic relocation that would not only accommodate their expanding workforce but also streamline their logistics, distribution, and office functions within a single facility. Additionally, their commitment to employee wellbeing and customer satisfaction led to the desire for a superior working environment and dedicated training spaces. In collaboration with Project Manager Vail Williams, we embarked on a journey to transform these visions into reality.

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Karl Storz Endoscopy


Office Design, Laboratory Design, Light Industrial Design, Construction


15,500 Sq ft


Slough, UK

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Designing for Efficiency and Excellence

Our approach to the Karl Storz project cantered around harmonising the practical needs of a light industrial setting with the aesthetics and functionality required for a modern office space. The result is a facility that seamlessly integrates multiple facets of Karl Storz's operations.

The operational aspect of the business is supported by an Electronics Workshop, meticulously designed to service and repair products, and an Assessors Room that upholds stringent quality control standards. Within the warehouse, an efficient layout empowers Karl Storz with complete control over product logistics, ensuring minimal office interference.

The new mezzanine, designed to retain an industrial ambiance, boasts exposed serviced areas, self-contained training rooms, and acoustic panelling to minimise noise disruptions. These carefully planned spaces are instrumental in maintaining an environment conducive to both focused work and collaborative learning.

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Office Spaces Aligned with Aesthetics and Comfort

Area's design extends its thoughtful approach to the office areas, which are seamlessly integrated into the overall building design. Acoustic panels serve dual purposes – enhancing both aesthetics and sound insulation. The inclusion of furniture from fellow Fourfront Group company, Sketch Studios, adds an extra layer of synergy, tying the entire workspace together cohesively.

One of the standout features of the Karl Storz project is the construction of a separate, private mezzanine area within the warehouse. This self-contained Learning Centre has proven to be a versatile asset for Karl Storz, serving both their staff and customers. The Learning Centre embodies the company's dedication to excellence by featuring several key elements:

Within its premises, there are dedicated presentation areas equipped to showcase Karl Storz's extensive product range, serving as a central hub for product demonstrations and educational events.

Additionally, the Learning Centre includes a thoughtfully designed canteen, providing a warm and inviting space for both employees and visitors to rejuvenate, ultimately fostering connections and camaraderie among team members.

Furthermore, breakout spaces are strategically integrated, offering a welcomed escape from the daily routine, promoting informal interactions, and nurturing creative thinking.

The facility also boasts multi-purpose demonstration areas, designed with versatility in mind, allowing for a wide range of training activities, from hands-on product demonstrations to interactive workshops.

Lastly, the Learning Centre offers a selection of meeting rooms, including a 12-seater boardroom, providing Karl Storz with the necessary flexibility to host meetings of various sizes and purposes.

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Impacts and Achievements

The completion of the Karl Storz relocation and facility enhancement project has yielded significant benefits for the company. By consolidating their operations into a single, well-designed facility, Karl Storz has achieved greater operational efficiency, improved employee satisfaction, and enhanced their customer engagement capabilities.

The Learning Centre, in particular, stands as a testament to Karl Storz's commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. It serves as a hub for education, collaboration, and product showcasing, positioning Karl Storz as a leader not only in medical instrument manufacturing but also in customer education and support.

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